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Camping With Wine and Cows

Seven Springs in Norlina, North Carolina is worth a visit. No longer a member of Harvest Hosts, they only allow camping for special events.

Black Nomads Meet at Geer’s Royal Kingdom Campground

There is something pure and amazing about camping alone. It allows you to get back to nature – no strings attached. The degree to which you thrive is literally based on your ability. It is the most honest assessment of where you are. More, there’s no expectation about where to be and when to show […]

Cooler vs 12 Volt: Round Two

I’ve had this 12-volt electric cooler for a LONG time now. You can read the full review of it here: Van life without a fridge? And is an electric cooler worth it?. The short version is that it’s a cooler that can be plugged into a cigarette plug or a wall socket. It’s great for trips […]

Covid-19 In A Small Town: 8 months in

I guess my town never had Coronavirus. I mean, its streets never emptied, despite the hospital being full. I struggle to figure the math with that, but whatever. Or maybe Covid only impacted those who believed in it and, of course, the businesses who adapted because of it. On the other hand, maybe Covid-19 doesn’t […]

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