What to do when your Promaster Van Key Fob Stops Working

I’m driving a 2017, but I figure that if your key fob looks like this, you’re golden.

This all started after a weekend camping with the sidedoor open for hours on end. Per internet legend, this can cause issues…but I didn’t know that as I was trouble shooting.


  • Replace key fob battery: The key uses a lithium CR2032. These are cheap and available at any drug store. Changing this didn’t solve my problem, so I moved on to something else.
  • Change the key fuse: This is located in a box by your left knee. Remove the cover with a Philip’s head screwdriver. The fuse is F38 located in the second row, far right. But that still didn’t fix my issues. Annnnnnnnnd now I’m desperate. On a wing and a prayer, I did the unthinkable.
  • Disconnect the battery: Y’all this worked!

Promaster Quick Disconnect

On paper, and very much in theory, the battery beneath your feet has a quick disconnect switch. It’s that gray thing the arrow points to.

I tried for 27 minutes to get that switch to budge. In the end, I used a 10 wrench to remove bolts on the L bracket next to it.

I pumped the brakes and let it sit for 30 minutes. Bad news, had to reset my radio and clock. Good news, my key fob started working!

I’d been quoted $360 by a locksmith and $520 by the dealership for new keys. In the end, the fix was free.

I hope this saves anyone going through this some hassle!

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