Camping With Wine and Cows

I didn’t even know that staying at a vineyard was a thing outside of Harvest Hosts and yet, I found myself on this massive, beautiful property in the middle of nowhere North Carolina.

Seven Springs Farm and Vineyard is a place with wine that doubles as a…geez…farm dancing spot, ala juke joint from Color Purple. It’s fun. It’s loud during the day and as quiet as a church mouse at night. That’s when you remember that you’re in Norlina, North Carolina.

So what’s the deal?

This is a vineyard that’s been in the same family since the 1990s. We’re 2.5 generations into this and they seem to have a wonderful lock on running things.

The farm has several cows and at least one very angry donkey-mule, which we were told had the job of protecting the cows from coyotes.

Like, what? Coyotes?

And the animals are riiiiiight up next to where you are parked.

Now, cows are smart – we all know that. These things will roll straight up to your rig – stopping just short of the fence – to look in and see what you have going on. These things are nosey.

We happened to be down there for Greek alumni night and well, that didn’t apply to me, but I was welcomed with open arms.

Food trucks, dancing, and live music are all of part of the deal – depending on the weekend you go. Tastings were reasonably priced and the wine was delicious. I came home with bottles of red, white, and a thing of grape juice for the teetotalers in my family.


There are none for campers. Bring your own stuff and have a self-contained toilet. If there is an event the weekend you go up, expect to find a good amount of porta-potties. They do not sell food on site, but there are food trucks a plenty most weekends. No electrical hookups – so have solar. The owner did allow generators but be mindful that you’re gonna be near farm animals who don’t need to breathe in your junk. Finally, if you need to make a store run – you’re less than 15 minutes from a store.

Other info

You won’t need a bike or anything like that – everything is in walking distance. Parking is mostly even if you park smart, but bring some levelers in case they get super packed. I can see rain being an issue here – bring something for traction if rain is in the forecast.

Short version…

This was a wonderful location with friendly owners and the wine is as good as the scenery. I look forward to going back soon!

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