I Put A Ceiling Fan in My Van And I Have No Regrets

USB ceiling van for diy conversion van and vanlife

I still don’t want a rooftop vent. I know, I know. If you’ve come to preach the virtues of having a rooftop vent/fan, please move along home.

I very much DO, however, want a lot ventilation. Enter this fan.

You’ll remember from this earlier post that I purchased window vents for the two front doors. These allow me to have air passing through, while enjoying the security of, “closed,” windows. In other words, intake.

Those vents, combined with the ceiling van and two clip fans, manage to bring in the most delicious breeze on warm days. In other words, circulation.

See more of the ceiling fan in action on this my Instagram post.

Hot days are still gonna be hot, but let’s be honest…hot days are still gonna be hot with that rooftop fan too.

This pulls 6 watts, runs 1 speed off USB and is quiet! 

I consider it $20 well spent. You can pick up one from Amazon here.

5 responses to “I Put A Ceiling Fan in My Van And I Have No Regrets”

  1. That’s a great idea. Does it hang low into the camper? We’ve three tiny roof vents, but combined with open windows the breeze is lovely – it helps reduce the heat a bit. But at night in come the insects even with the nets!

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  2. First time I’m seeing one of these. I’ve seen several [videos] with the rooftop vent/fan combo but this seems like it might be just as good.

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