Do You Need Window Vents for a DIY Van?

Quick recap – my van does not have side/screened windows in the back. If it’s raining or I’m cooking or I need a slight breeze, I have to lower my front two windows or open my side doors.

That’s fine. I don’t mind doing that. Mostly.

But, sometimes I want more privacy.

Sometimes I want a breeze without having to fuss with my mosquito netting.

Enter the Airvent from I love these things! Essentially, I just roll down the window, shove these into the trim, then slowly roll up the window until the two meet.


Okay, these ain’t cheap. For two pieces of hard (and legitimately well made) plastic, I shelled out $109 + $15 in shipping. LORD. These dang things are more expensive than my cooler, my fridge, AND all my cabinets. On the other hand, there is a cost for convenience, and it was awesome to plop them down and go on about my business.

Not gonna lie, the first time is tricky

I honestly thought I purchased the wrong ones. After a good 15 minutes of frustration and stupidity, I finally got them in. Pro tip: The side with the deepest angle points towards the windshield. Once I got it sorted, I marked which vent went with which door in metallic Sharpie.

Which one for the Promaster 1500?

Like most things we Promaster folks buy, the European equivalent is a Fiat Ducato. If you can’t find what you want for a Promaster, search for Ducato. (The 1500 has an inch – literal inch – on the Ducato, but that’s never caused an issue for anything I’ve purchased).

Am I Happy With My Purchase?

Each time I get mad about the cost, I roll down my window and get over it. I love these things.

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