Gear and Travel Supply List

Here are the essential items I use for travel, vanlife, and hiking.

General Travel Gear List


I think when it comes to cameras, use what you have. Take a class with your camera (check city rec centers or libraries) to see what your camera can do before buying a new one.

Hiking Gear

Where to Stay

  • The Van: Obviously.
  • Hotels: If I’m heading abroad, I always check the Deal page. They have GREAT last second deals.
  • For RVers: It can be difficult on the East Coast to find inexpensive, legal places to park a large vehicle. Boondockers Welcome provides space on vineyards, farms, etc for any self-contained rig.

Vanlife Supply List




Shower Assembly

Here’s my DIY Van Shower How To post

Power / Electricity



Paint Used in the Van

  • I exclusively used spray paint in my rig. I suggest using the KILZ brand (anti-mold) in the color you need, along with a clear coat of Rust-oleum (anti-rust) on any metal surfaces. If you are insulating, it won’t hurt to coat the inside of your van with these before sealing it up.

Everything is held down by

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