Anvil Campground has an Actual Freaking Train Running Through It

Let me start by saying that Anvil Campground in Williamsburg, VA is cleanest campground I have ever seen. So clean that you could lick the bathroom floor.

It’s clear that the people who own this place love it. There is a pride of ownership here that is unmatched. You will not find a stray piece of trash or a blade of grass silly enough to grow too tall on the well manicured grounds.


They are legion.

  • Hookups at every site
  • Patio sites
  • FREAKING SHUTTLE SERVICE to the main attractions in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Wi-Fi so strong, it’s skrong
  • Free coffee and fresh fruit in the main lodge
  • A pool lift for those with mobility concerns
  • A cute little kiddie train that drives smaller guests around the park. Note, this is separate from the real ass legit train that runs behind the tent sites.

Where They Kinda Suck

  • The dog park is small. You bring two huskies and you’re gonna have problems. Tbf, you could walk barefoot across and not risk squishy, poop between your toes (again, the cleaning here is amazing).
  • The sites are close together. This is great if you’re traveling with a group. Less great with one rig. You are right up on someone else. Choose wisely (or spring for a premium site). But let’s be honest – you don’t come here to sit in your RV, you choose this park to see the cultural sites.
  • OMG – The train. If you thought the sites were close, be advised that the train is Horror Movie In The Woods close. The train runs all along the back side of the park. You can see below just how close it is to me. Usually, I get a tent site with my van. 1) it frees up space for larger rigs, but mainly 2) they are cheaper. This is not the place to go cheap. Avoid all tent sites (and RV sites 60-67) to ensure the best possible night’s sleep. In a well insulated RV with the TV blaring, I imagine it wouldn’t be a problem. Right?
  • How many trains? We checked in early that day – say 10ish – and had 4 trains before 8pm. Here’s a video of me losing my mind with the 3rd train.

After that we drank rum and put on headphones.

Tl;dr Would I stay there again?

Absolutely. The plusses here vastly outweigh the minuses. For a heavy sleeper, duh! Take this site. For someone wanting to be close to the cultural attractions, but still remote-ish – no contest – take this site. Just avoid the tent sites and enjoy staying someplace that is probably cleaner than your own house.

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