Adding a faucet to the van…with Velcro

So, I cracked. Every once in a while, I do something just for aesthetics. I know, SO NOT LIKE ME.  Well, the deal is that I’ve had standing water in my jug for a disgustingly long time.

I’ve always been freaked out about long storage of water in plastics (especially in changing weather). Anyway, this was my justification for messing with the water system.

The hallowed Lowe’s parking lot (America’s friendly hardware store)  was where I found myself during a lunch break last week.  There, I picked up an item I’d literally never thought of in my life – a spray faucet head holder. 

For $10 bucks and an industrial strength Velcro dot, I stuck the holder next to my sink.

Remember that portable shower system I made – the awesome one that only be used as a shower in the woodiest of woods? (It’s here in case you forgot or need to make your own The shower from that thing remains awesome, but I often find myself in places too public to strip to the pubics. I REALLY use this “shower” for getting sand off shoes or spraying snow salt from the undercarriage.

Point is, it was hanging out in the back. I moved the shower forward, under my sink and therefore close enough to still snake the head outside the van through the driver’s door. Using the $10 shower holder from Lowe’s, I made the cheapest faucet on earth and it took all of 3 minutes (or however long the designer stated it takes Velcro to hold). I didn’t drill through the wood or anything. I literally looped it along the side of the sink and attached it to the wood.

Note: With any Velcro, sorry, latch adhesive, used in this van, I only use Velcro brand and I only use their Industrial Strength line (rated 10 lbs or higher).

It’s such a LITTLE thing that makes a big impact in improving the look of things. Honestly, the functionality is bonus.

And yes, I have two sinks in the sink.

The silver bowl is the actual sink – the one that drains down into my Dollar Tree gray tank. The white bowl is a thrift store find. It fits wonderfully into the sink, doubling as extra storage space for avocados (I’m lying), locally harvested flowers (I’m so full of crap), or whatever I have in my hands that I don’t have time to put away (the truth).

$20 bucks says I could tell someone the whole sink/faucet set came from Restoration Hardware and they’d believe me.

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