Try This: Curate A Private “Best Of” List to Organize Your Photography

For those who’ve been here a while, you know I have a weirdo thing about file management. The older I get, the more fanatical I become about it, especially when it comes to my pictures.  One thing that many of us share, is that we probably don’t go back and look at our photos as often as we’d like. I have a remedy for that.

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20 Minutes, Once A Month

At the end of each month, go through EVERY photo you’ve taken over the past 4 weeks. Get rid of the ones that suck or any that you KNOW you’ll never use. Then – and this is the most important part – find the best photo you’ve taken that month.  This will be HARD and you’ll have to make tough choices, but that’s why it works. I then copy that image to a Best Of folder.

Not only are you reliving (hopefully) kick-butt memories, but you’ll be able to see how your photography improves, note what you need to improve on (in my case, trains in motion) and keep a wonderfully digital portfolio of your life and travels. Of course, if you haven’t been tagging your photos, this monthly review would be a great time to do that (more on how to tag and organize pictures here).


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Keep A Record Of Your Life and (Reward Yourself)

At the end of the year, go through the twelve shots in your Best Of to find YOUR picture of the year. Reward yourself by having it properly framed or totally nerd out (guilty) buy turning it into a postcard.

In the digital age we live in, photography has somehow lost its punch. We go to a place, take 500 pictures and MAYBE look at them once before they join the ten million others in the Unlooked-At-Ever-Again-Picture-Club.  BUT, taking a few moments once a month for a private time between you and your photos will bring new life to old memories.

Happy Travels!

18 responses to “Try This: Curate A Private “Best Of” List to Organize Your Photography”

  1. This is a great idea! I would add that you may want to save the chosen photos as a PNG file so that they remains stable. Regular JPGs lose pixels every time you open them.

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  2. What a good idea. Now if only I had the persistence to see it through:-) I have a lot on photos on line that really are not good enough to keep. Will try your suggestion.

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