Review: Open Trails Solar Motion Detector Light for a Van or RV

Motion detector lights are everywhere. But for the price and sturdiness, you can’t do better than this Open Trails one for $5. They are amazingly sensitive, coming on anytime someone even looks in the general direction of my van. My favorite thing is that they’re solar powered. I don’t ever have to worry about changing the battery.

Van Security Light.jpg

As for installing it…remove the plaster on the back and attach it with the adhesive tape it comes with. That’s it. The one on the back of my van has been there for a few months now. I’ve not had an issue with it coming lose in heavy winds, rain, or traffic.

This is a cheap bit of added security. Just remember to turn it off when driving at night! You’ll get a lot of angry honks if you forget (and rightly so – this thing is as bright as the freaking sun). It’s also good for camping and boondocking. I’ve been to campsites with friends parked far away and it was nice to walk back to my site and have a light pop on to greet me.

If you have an extra fiver – you know you do – get two of them. One for the back of yoru rig and another for the side door! You can find them on eBay or at a Dollar General.

4 responses to “Review: Open Trails Solar Motion Detector Light for a Van or RV”

  1. purchased a couple for trial. Worked great! Now have 20-30. Placed one every 50′ on fence around acre property. Love them. I did get 3-4 problem lights buying so many but returned them for new ones. Suggest you try.

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