Little Projects and an Updated Kitchen Cabinet

These last two weeks have been dedicated to small projects in the van. I’ve updated my bug screen (magnets + sheer curtains), found cool metal hangers for fruit and veggies, and THEN, I found this super kickbutt microwave stand.

I really lucked out with this one. I no intention of going into the thrift store. But something told me (seriously, always listen to those somethings) to go inside. And there she was, waiting for me. All I had to do was give the nice lady behind the counter an Andrew Jackson (hopefully soon to be Harriet Tubman) and walk out the door.

I went straight from there to Wal-mart. One Blossom White Rustoleum Spray Can later, I have extra cabinet and shelving space. BONUS, it is just about the same height as my sink. I mean, y’all, I didn’t even measure the thing. I just lucked my happy butt into it. I’ve been humming Ice Cube’s, “Today Was A Good Day” ever since.

What’s the takeaway? You don’t have to find everything for your van 0.3 seconds after you buy it. Take your time. It’s fine to use what you have until you find the piece that you need. There were months between finding the sink and this cabinet. So what? They look like they belong together. I have a problem with patience and trusting the process. This was the reminder I needed to chill the frack out and just be cool. The van abides.

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