Under the Bed Storage Solutions and Other Quick Van Projects

Keeping organized in such a small space, and doing so cheaply, starts with the design of the van. The best decision I made was having a 20 inch clearing between my bed and the floor. Not that those 18 inch wheel wells gave me much choice. If I had purchased any other style of van, I wonder if I would have done the raised be thing.

Anyway, I’m glad for it. As you can see in the pics, I have a series of 15+ inch high fabric bins. Those black/white ones were five dollars from Five Below. You can’t beat that price. I have a bin for the sleeping bag and an electric blanket. There’s another bin for my heater, fan, and other small electronics. Behind those, a third bin for sweaters and pants…and another a bin for underoos…plus a bin that stays empty (for packing just before a trip).

You’ll also see a shallow clear square bin. That one carries emergency car stuff and it serves double duty as a shower floor for bathing inside the van (details on that in a later post).

These are in addition to the collapsible bins beneath the table, the long Ottoman next to the side door and the smaller Ottoman behind the passenger seat. I’m a weird place where I actually have too much storage. I don’t know how to feel about that.

With the weather chilly, but dry, it’s been the week for small projects. I’ve been able to paint the folding table that lives under my bed. While waiting for that to dry, I finished sewing this ginormous pillow here. It nearly goes the full length of my double sized bed, but it cost almost nothing. I spent less than $3 on fabric from Walmart’s bin of unused scraps. I check that bin like it’s my job. Hand sewing is often a painful and blood splattering experience for me, but oddly enough, deeply relaxing.

So there I was, sewing in a van, watching Netflix, and waiting for paint to dry. Not a bad afternoon.

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