Vanlife: Lighting and a Jacked Up Tire

Good news: I can fit into a standard Wal-Mart car port for an $19 oil change. Total win.

Bad-ish news: I had a screw in my tire. Said screw cost me a whopping $10 to plug the hole. Not too bad and it hardly stopped the fun. Long story short, my big Promaster counts as “regular” sized vehicle. The only problem came at the very end. This Wal-Mart’s policy only allowed 65psi per tire. My tire takes 72 and they would NOT break their rules. I ended up limping down the street, to the serenade of the low tire pressure alarm, to add in more air at a gas station. Weak. Super weak.

20180218_Virginia_IoW_Windsor Castle Park_123126a
Windsor Castle Park in Isle of Wight / Smithfield, Virginia

Anyway, I worked on my van the other day at Windsor Castle. Not that one. I’m of course referring to the slightly smallee Windsor Castle of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.

While there, I added on more fairy lights from Christmas sale bins. These are all powered by AA batteries and are absolutely lovely in the evenings. When I need to light up the van like a stadium on game night, I always go back to those solar powered Luci Lights. I recommend them to absolutely everyone I meet. I’ve even put them around my house for emergencies.

It’s a constant struggle not to sing Age of Aquarius under these all lights.

Finally, I can’t stop making plans for where to travel next. Someplace near? Far? Actually, my next trip won’t be purely for pleasure. This upcoming weekend, I’m heading up to review someone’s family papers. Not to access value, but to archive – something I very much enjoy. Hopefully, I can sneak in a few stops on the way back. Lord knows that I’m a sucker for a tourist trap…

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