Two Quick Van RV Storage Solutions and Flooring

I can’t stand papers making that wissssshing sound as they go across the dashboard. It plucks my last nerve. Here’s how I solved that problem – for free – in about seventy seconds.

I grabbed an old magazine rack from the garage and a bungee cord (because we all have


87 of them, amirite). I simply looped the cord through the backside of the magazine rack and around the side base of the passenger’s seat. This keeps everything I immediately need for a trip within reach. I R SMART!

The second thing is this ridiculously sturdy ottoman from 5 Below.

One, it perfectly matches the large TJ Maxx carpet. Two, it is stupid sturdy. I am no lithe sprite, so for this thing to hold me AND a bunch of junk makes it a keeper. In addition to being extra seating for random people, it works perfectly as a desk chair for the white table next to the sink. I’m like, THIS close to going back and buying a whole bunch of those ottomans to make long bench along the slide door.

Since the flooring is in the picture, I might as well talk about it. So, yeah, I didn’t do much. I grabbed those interlocking gym pads from Lowe’s (the Walmart ones are way too thin) and ran them for most of the length of the van. I put the TJMaxx carpet from the bed (wall to wall lengthwise) to just short of the step-down from the cockpit. The gray you see beneath the ottoman is a 5 Below rug to cover the distance between the TJ Maxx carpet and the cockpit. [I have no idea if there is a better word than cockpit]. The two fabrics look good together – I’m digging it. Mostly. I’m having to vacuum those carpets every 8 seconds. I’ll let it ride throughout winter, but may slap some snap-in wood laminate over the Lowe’s pads come the summer. We’ll see.

Final Costs

  • Magazine Rack – $0, Already Owned
  • Bungee – $0, Already Owned
  • Ottoman – $5
  • Small Runner Rug – $5
  • Large White Eyelash Rug $30

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