So, I went to the Tidewater RV Show

I searched long and hard for info on the Tidewater RV Show. No luck. A few sixty-second commercials on YouTube, but little else. Nothing else, actually. What choice did I have? I forked over my $9 and walked in. So here’s the thing – if you want to see some RVs, go. Rocket surgery, right?

In all seriousness, most of the major Hampton Roads dealers were there:

  • American Family RV
  • Chesapeake RV Solutions
  • Coastal RV
  • Dodd RV
  • Scenic View RV

This was, for sure, a small show for the local audience. By and large, they were heavy on 2018 trailers and fifth wheels, lighter on Class Bs and Cs (but the ones they had there were amazing). As for the Class As, about what you’d expect – three or four to show, but sad trombone territory otherwise.

A slew of local campgrounds were there. Seems a bit sideways, if you ask me. I didn’t invest time and money into this project just so I can park down the street. I wasn’t the only one to think so – the campgrounds from far afield had way larger crowds than the local guys. Duh. I did stop at every booth though and each person was a joy to speak with. Some people REALLY are people people.

There was, however, a serious lack of RV accessory vendors. This crushed me. I went there ready to throw down cash on some serious widgets, but instead, I see people selling tights (you know which ones) and received offers to fix the gutters around the house. All noble causes, but at an RV show? C’mon, man.

Should you go? If you want an RV or beef jerky, absolutely. If you want to window shop some beautiful rigs, go for it. I found no less than three Class B’s I fell head over heels in love with.

Do you need service or add-ons for a current vehicle? No, it isn’t the place for that, but I found the Chesapeake RV Solution and Dodd RV people especially helpful with every little question that I flung at them. I know which companies will get my business when I need work on the Promaster.

Who shouldn’t go? If you already have a rig that you love, don’t go. If you want things for that rig, don’t go. RV shows should be places to buy cool things for an RV, but I didn’t find that here.

Would I go back? Well, yeah. I love this stuff. Might even buy some tights…

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