But like Vanlife now, tho?

The summer has been intolerably hot. Coupled with Coronavirus shutting down parks and sites, camping has been nigh impossible in my neck of the woods.

And with the #BLM protesting, I’ve been much more in-tune with covering that personally, than any travels publicly.

grayscale photo of protesters on a street
Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com

It makes me grateful that the van IS still my daily driver.  That I get to take it to see real life and not real-life-for-other-people.

The joy I get from it hasn’t waned and I know how blessed I am to keep this little turtle shell with me everyday.

By the way, work has changed as well.

Well, and secretly, before ‘Rona closed down schools, I went back to school myself. Yes, I still teach online, but I completing a program in the healthcare field.  I’m like a nurse-torian now.


More money to spend on the van, right?

The van needs new tires and I’m still debating that paint job.  Despite the heat, I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have an AC attached to the roof. Where the hell* was I going to plug in these last few months anyway? I’m allowing my space to get it in the future – if I need it.

And there’s one more weird thing that I’m not sure sure I can talk about…

…I mean…can I…

…Wait. This is my blog on my site that I pay to host so….

Between Amazon doing its thing and Coronavirus locking people in place, it has selfishly freed me in regards to this blog. I can say whatever I care to, without worrying about Amazon being cross. I can show the pictures and cover things that I WANT to cover. And no, I can’t travel all over the place, but to keep safe, none of us can.  I can simply bask in the glory of being a woman with a big ass van in the driveway.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash you hands and for fuck’s sake,* wear a mask.

**Couldn’t say that before either.


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