5 Cheap Ways to Prepare Your Van or Car for Snow and Ice

I happened to me last year and it’ll happen again soon – a forecast calling for snow, but not enough snow to stop travel. Just the annoying stuff that slows down your morning. In weather like that, I like to be the first on the road. It earns me good traction and fewer, “OMG what is snow” drivers to contend with. And even though the van heats up quickly, I certainly don’t want to waste time scraping ice when I don’t have to.  That’s why when word comes out for snow, I do these five things:

Snowy Walk

  1. You know that cheap blue tarp we all have? I throw it over the windshield and hold it in place with magnets. In the morning, one good yank and my view is clear.
  2. After my favorite pair of tights died, I gave them new life by cutting off the legs to use as windshield wiper gloves. In the morning, I take them (the leg-gloves) off and don’t have to worry about frozen blades.
  3. I cover my side mirrors with plastic bags and tie the handles into loose knots underneath. I guess you don’t have to do this if you have heated side windows, but I’m not so lucky.
  4. This is something I started with my old car. I’m not sure it’s necessary with newer batteries, but I’m not brave enough not to do it. My cousin once told me to unplug everything in a car when it’s cold. Something about the battery already having enough drama to deal with due to lowered temps. I can’t say if that’s true or bro-science, but I always remove/unplug any accessories before starting a car in frigid temps.
  5. Finally, I always carry something for traction. I don’t have any snow chains hanging around. Instead, I use two cheap cuts of rug (carpet samples), that live beneath my bed until they’re called for duty. Easy.

For exactly zero dollars, I get my mornings back. *shrugs* That’s a fair trade.

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