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How to help North Carolina after Hurricane Florence (with Pics from Edenton, NC)

There's more we can do than wring our hands. Here's how to help before and after Hurricane Florence's arrival.

This was meant to be a post on my recent trip to Edenton, North Carolina. But as I write this, the area is under the gun of Hurricane Florence.  Everything I write seems a little too shallow in light of what’s going to happen in the next few hours. Instead, here’s how you can help folks in need before and after the storm.

DSC00130 (3)
Edenton is listed as one of America’s Prettiest Small Towns. The Roanoke River Lighthouse, overlooking Edenton Bay, is worth the visit alone.



Become a Care-A-Vanner

If you’re on the road full time, consider joining the RV Care-A-Van community. Organized by Habitat for Humanity, RVers can volunteer in areas where a national disaster has just occurred and work out of their vans/RVs.  You drive to where you’re needed, park, volunteer, and rest up in your own rig. This frees up shelter space for those directly impacted by the storm. You can find out more here:

Do good work from your couch

People need stuff. Food, meds, and resources cost money. You can help by donating to either

In addition to their other work, these groups continue to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria and the mainland recover from Harvey and Irma – never mind the fires out west. Now they must add moving people and resources to North Carolina. Bracing for a direct hit, both groups need all the extra cash (and hands) they can get.

If you’re not a fan of these three groups (why?), you can find a list of NGOs to donate to at the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster webpage.

DSC00092 (2)
Edenton Courthouse – All pictures in this post were taken 23 August 2018.


Check your local news

They tend to highlight regional groups going down to disaster zones. You may be able to drop off food, pads and tampons, diapers or whatever else is needed before they head out.

Donate blood

If you are able, consider doing so. It isn’t scary and you get free candy. You can find a donation center at the Red Cross Blood Services website (

But like, do you live here and have 6 hours?

The Red Cross needs people on the ground. If you are local to Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, they are looking for volunteers willing to work 6-hour and 12-hour shifts. You can sign up here: or by walking into your local Red Cross office.

DSC00132 (3)
This is the view from the lighthouse. I’m eager to get back down there after the storm.

14 comments on “How to help North Carolina after Hurricane Florence (with Pics from Edenton, NC)

  1. Good work!! It’s important to help each other in times of difficulty, when possible. All the best with this relief project.

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  2. Thanks for your ideas and for caring.

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  3. Good luck everyone from across the pond. Stay safe xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope the storm will not be as destructive as feared!

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  5. Thank you for the ideas and caring on the regards of all the people that will be affected during/ after the storm. I actually live on the coastal region of NC and my home and business are in the direct path of the storm. My family and I did leave, but the storm looks like it is taking the path towards Columbia, SC where we are now with family. I know now, that my small town in Hubert, NC has no power and becoming flooded with the storm surge. Please keep us in your thoughts!— Angela

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    • Oh, Angela – stay safe! Please update when this passes over. Keeping you in my thoughts, girl. 💜

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      • Thank you! My family and I arrived back home this past Friday evening and I was blessed! My home had little to no damage and my Etsy shop items were not damaged at all. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts! We drove through part of South Carolina and parts of North Carolina when traveling back home it was heart breaking to see so many homes and businesses flooded and damaged from the hurricane.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad to hear you’re okay!! I’m driving down in a few weeks for a work project.


  6. There is a lot of really good information in here, thank you for writing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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