Magnet Fishing Is A Thing. A Weird Thing.

To be in a van is to understand the glory of magnets. In addition to holding up my shower, privacy screen, and protecting me from bugs, magnets are a source of gloriously endless and absolutely mindless entertainment in the form of magnet fishing.

Okay, I don’t eat meat, but I can fish for stuff. Magnets fishing is the fine art of taking a heavy duty magnet, attaching it to a rope and, much like casting it out while fly fishing, throwing it into the water to see what you get.

Here’s my basic set up:

Magnet fishing setup

I’ve used electrical tape to cover the knot of the rope. This helps prevent the magnet from coming loose.

Quick tip: be careful throwing out a magnet rated for 200lbs. You may not be strong enough to pull it back!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see some of the crazy things I pull up. Mostly scissors, knifes, and lots of hooks (which I’m happy to get out of the ocean and way from sweet baby duckies).

You can find these super magnets on Amazon or places like Harbor Freight.

It’s a fun and free thing to do when you’re bored and just want to be by the water. While you’re out there, join the #magnetfishing and #mudlarking peeps on Instragram to show off your finds. People throw some crazy things into the ocean…

11 responses to “Magnet Fishing Is A Thing. A Weird Thing.”

  1. Such a great idea for us veggies. I used to love to fish just for the meditation of it, since I became a vegetarian I gave it up but I miss the process. I wish there was something we could use to pull plastic out of the water!

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    • I know! The amount of trash people throw into our waters is ridiculous. Anyway, I find the magnet fishing weirdly relaxing. I hope you get a chance to try it out soon (and find some treasures 💜)


  2. My family is constantly watching YouTube videos. My 13yr old son was watching magnet fishing a cpl of months ago……I’m hooked! Lol I shall be magnet fishing starting this Spring!

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