Why in the world are you building out a van?

Easy. I’m a traveling historian. While I teach at a local college a few days a week, I’m out exploring or working on a project on my non-classroom days. And these projects,
sometimes, take me miles away from home.

Pam's Dodge Promaster Interior 1

Folks, this is my justification for purchasing the biggest vehicle I’ve ever driven, a Ram

Promaster 1500, with the goal of converting it

into a kickbutt historical research center, mobile office and hotel room. Not too big (hah!), but not so small. With a 136″ wheelbase, I can maneuver the Promaster down city streets or take it out to the backwoods of Polk County. I just need a desk, some shelves, a fridge and a bed. I’ll throw in a sink and who knows what else. It’ll be awesome.

So, yes, a simple van build. No biggie. Granted, I have no electrical, plumbing or carpentry skills, but I’ve done crazier with less. You can see what I’m starting with in the picture. All I need to do is fill in the empty bits.

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