My List of New Year’s Resolutions (for Vanlife)

I’ve been thinking about actions I could take to make this crazy van thing easier for me. Are there some tweaks that might give me a better path forward? I think so. To hold myself accountable, I’m listing them here for you.

Vanlife in the New Year

Here are my New Year’s Vanlife Resolutions:

  1. Do more boondocking and less tethered camping. I love the community of RV campsites, electric hookups, WiFi, and Chinese delivery in the “forest.” Still, I want to improve my power/no-power camping ratio. I mean, it’s not like I’m completely and totally afraid of the boonies. Right?
  2. I must find a comfortable camera strap that won’t wreck my neck, back, and entire day. This has become a bigger hassle than expected and now I understand why people drop a hundred bucks on a strip of cloth. I’ll keep searching and let you know what I come up with.
  3. Keep a container of snacks in the front of the vehicle and do a better job of keeping my water topped off. I’ve messed up with the water thing twice already. I don’t know what my problem is.
  4. I used to have a fairly intense IKEA addiction. My goal this year to it pare down a bunch of stuff (currently resting on the aforementioned Scandinavian furniture) and use those Nordic bookcases and storage units to better organize the garage area of my van.
  5. Be kinder to myself and the mistakes I make with the van. Like, it’s my van. I can screw it up if I want to.
  6. Finally, I need to be more open to adventure and opportunity. I’ve missed a few chances (that I’m too embarrassed to share) and need to promise myself that I’ll take those leaps when they next show up.

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful and fun year. Let’s pledge to each other that 2019 is the year we GO FOR IT!

10 responses to “My List of New Year’s Resolutions (for Vanlife)”

  1. I am also reluctant to camp without hookups. I think starting out in August with 3 dogs in a black van has made me feel that climate control is vital. Sometimes it is but not always. Thanks for voicing what I also feel I need to work on.

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  2. 2. My brother-in-law has a camera strap that not only goes around neck, but also around back, with stretchy thingy that pops over the lens and constrains it. Takes some of weight off neck, and keeps it from swinging. My camera is small enough to go in pocket, a Canon superzoom.
    3. HEALTHY snacks – small cooler with things like string cheese and carrots, also nuts, fruit (fresh and/or dried), whole grain chips, some dark chocolate. More than one water container within reach – mine require ice, but not everyone does.

    Boondocking – the most magical places I’ve stayed have been serendipitous boondocking occasions, with no one else around. Fields of fireflies, dark sky of stars, murmur of waves on shore, a place to launch the kayak 15 feet away. Not that all places I’ve boondocked have been that great – a few have been dreadful – but no commercial campground has ever come close to being that close to nature. Yes, some times having AC is essential, and worth sacrificing remoteness and money – but not that often! Unless one is really profligate with electricity, a couple of days in a wonderful place should be fine. Then I’m generally ready to move on. I only ever run the generator if I’m boondocking and want to use the microwave!

    GO FOR IT!

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    • I REALLY want to try one of the slings you mention. There’s no way that thing isn’t comfortable! I’m worried about interference with a backpack and blending in when I go places. On the other hand, my back works best when not busted 😂. I think I’ll bite the bullet.

      And I’m sooooooo hearing you on that last paragraph.


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