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7 Reminders for First Time Vanlifers

Don't let all this vanlife stuff freak you out.

When you’re new to this, a lot of info will be flung your way. Take a deep breath. Here are seven QUICK reminders to hold on to.

  1. It’s okay to be scared. Don’t be weirded out that you’re weirded out. You will jump at every noise outside your window. That’s okay. That feeling will lessen with time.DSC00644 (3)
  2. Vanlife is a choice for some, not for all. Don’t randomly rush up to folks and assume people want to hang out and chat.
  3. Blackout curtains aren’t magic. Don’t be obvious.
  4. On that note, unpainted Reflectix inserts are super obvious. Paint them matte black or staple black sheet fabric around them.
  5. Cops don’t want to mess with you. They don’t need the paperwork. Don’t force them to mess with you and stay under the radar.DSC05268 (2)
  6. Instagram isn’t real life. What you see on Instagram is the best of all possible options via the most wonderful of filters. Also, every van is a pigsty at the end of the day. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. Document the journey. Whether you do this for fun, for necessity or just for the weekends, take pictures of these memories you’re making.

Speaking of memories, all photos in this post were from the starting line of Suffolk’s Peanut Fest 5k Run earlier this month 🙂

DSC05450 (2)

14 comments on “7 Reminders for First Time Vanlifers

  1. Ah, the voice of common sense when others are posting pictures of themselves eating noodles in a minute bikini 😁

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  2. Ever since I started following your blog, I have been thinking more about VanLife than ever. We were not in the right position to purchase a van when we had the opportunity a few years ago, and now it seems we cannot find an affordable model. I am suffering from a serious case of wanderlust, though! 😊

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  3. If you simply go by instagram.. my van is always spotless. And my life is perfect! Sadly these are both far from the truth.

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  4. so true about the mess at the end of the day in the van! Mine always looks like a group of cats decide to have a cat nip party in it… I sort it out, the next hour those cats have been back again!

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  5. So true, haha. Great post. Almost every day we say “we’ve got to get more organized” as we do the van life shuffle to get to our bed!

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